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Create A Strong Online Presence

Properly managing positive and negative feedback of your hotel, Technoglare supports in positive reputation for your hotel. We make your business displayed in expected search results to ensure that your positive branding as per the hospitality requirement.

We Make Your Targeted Customer Reach You by

observing maximized visitors, excellent online reputation, increased SERP recommendations and feedbacks from social platforms. It is quite understandable that customer feedback can build or destroy the online reputation of your property. It doesn’t matter what level of quality you are maintaining in your services some of your opponents keep trying to put you down.

They may give incorrect reviews on your websites on social media platforms, and business directories as well. These reviews majorly influence the buying behavior of the customer.

To secure from this online libel you may take assistance from hotel reputation management professionals. Technoglare is one of them. With our dedicated team members, we exclude any improper reviews which are directly linked with your online hotel reputation.

We also provide a guard shield from rivals’ deceptive drive. If no action is taken against them on time, they may distort your online customer base.

What Forms The Part Of Our Hotel Reputation Management Services?

  • Timely observation of online reviews on social networking websites such as Google+, facebook business directories such as Yelp and many others.
  • Discard irrelevant feedback.
  • Make your website get rid of adverse Hotel Reviews and biased protests.
  • Make your website flourish in terms of enhanced online ratings by producing positive feedback.
  • Enhancing Positive Website content development and generating positive online recognition.
  • Hide inappropriate opinions and control online searches.
  • Security against the deceptive drive of rivals.


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