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Google your specific model and see what’s doable on your machine. And for more on choosing exactly the right RAM for your PC, check out our deep-dive feature on RAM buying strategy. Even if you were to replace the RAM you’d also have to patch the BSP software to change the memory map visible to the CPU, so that it can use the extra RAM. Without access to the internal specifications that the manufacturer has, you’d probably brick the device trying to do that. The site that “explains how to replace RAM chips” is a dead link.

A device driver is a component that a computer’s operating system uses to interact with a hardware device, such as a network adapter or modem. A driver interacts with the device through a communications subsystem to which the hardware connects. The operating system or other computer program calls a function in the driver to execute commands on the device. This site can tell you the manufacturer of almost any device, and can often determine what the device is. You can then use this information to search online for the driver.

If Windows 11 Doesn’t find A Driver

Hopefully, you don’t love to wait until an email from the manufacturer come. So, manually update at a regular basis is not a bad idea. There are few third party software that can automatize your task and alert you if there is any newer version available for download.

  • The best driver update software will simply and easily ensure that your computer hardware drivers are updated to the latest version, without you having to do anything.
  • To update the firmware, use a Windows PC and the app .
  • After reading the above content, you will know what is a device driver and the types of device drivers.

This will prompt the Windows Security menu to provide four options. With a few minor tweaks, such as maximizing RAM, disabling visual effects and getting rid of unnecessary services, you can increase Windows 10 performance. Microsoft should tell us that w10 actually runs smooth on SSD with 16GB ddr4 ram at least. Windows, like any OS, is prone to bugs and the RAM issue at hand could also be a result of a bug. Microsoft is trying its best to eliminate bugs from Windows and for this purpose, it uses the Windows update channel to populate the latest patches of the reported bugs. Before diving into more technical solutions, it will be a good idea to update the Windows of your system to the latest build which may solve the problem.

Auslogics Driver Updater: A Lightweight Yet Power-Packed Driver Finder Tool

Note that using this method, you can only get the version of one component driver at a time. If you want to know the versions of all the installed drivers, continue to the next section of this post. For instance, if you would like to check driver’s version of the graphics card, you need to expand Display adapters first, right-click on the name of the graphics card, and select Properties. Once you complete the download process, follow the prompts as they come to install the new motherboard drivers. Open the newly installed Driver Easy software and Click the ‘Scan Now’ button.

Computer drivers help your operating system use hardware correctly. Each piece of hardware has its own drivers, and usually, drivers are written by the hardware manufacturers. Some hardware may not work at all without a driver, while others may only offer basic functions. So, if your fancy new RPG keyboard isn’t offering advanced functionality, you may need to install the drivers. The operating systems’ generic driver may not be updated as often as the drivers from a hardware manufacturer or computer manufacturer. End user programs like the UNIX shell or other GUI-based applications are part of user space.